Tuesday, April 15, 2014

20 saal baad – Andaz Apna Apna

Andaz Apna Apna (meaning Every One has their own style) is one of the best comic films with pure humor in Hindi cinema.  You watch it once, twice, thrice….you will never get bored watching it again and again.

            You may not believe this…Though this film brought together Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, two of the most popular stars of that era, along with legendary comic stars (like Jagdeep, Deven Verma, Mehmood and Shakti Kapoor), yet it was a FLOP!! But as years passed, the popularity of AAA as a cult classic has grown heavily! 
            AAA was released on 11th April, 1994 and it just completed 20 years last Friday. Two decades is a big span – the actors and actresses (though females never grow old J) have grown old, the dialogues have been popular like anything and still there are very less number of  movies which can come in the same category of cult favorites as AAA. The charm of AAA increases every time you watch it!
            AAA’s plot consists of two useless daydreamers, Amar (Aamir Khan) and Prem  (Salman Khan), with a common aim of getting rich by marrying rich heiress, Raveena Bajaj (Raveena Tandon), daughter of Ram Gopal Bajaj (Paresh Rawal). Raveena's secretary Karishma (Karisma Kapoor) is the real Raveena and Raveena's actual name is Karishma. Raveena switched her identity because she wanted to find a boy who will love her, not her money. Nobody is aware that Ram Gopal’s twin brother called Shyam Gopal Bajaj aka Teja, is a criminal who has taken lots of money from Crime Master Gogo (Shakti Kapoor). Teja hopes to land the riches himself by kidnapping his brother and posing as Ram. He has also planted his cronies Robert (Viju Khote) and Bhalla (Shehzad Khan) in the household. The entire plot takes place around Amar and Prem failing at various attempts to woo the lady, Kidnapping and rescuing etc. etc. etc.

Similar to Munnabhai series, Hera-pheri  (2000), Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and Sholay; Andaz Apna Apna is perhaps one of the toppers, where a film’s dialogues have entered popular lexicon.  Have a look....
  • Aila, Govinda!! (and Govinda replies back “Chya maila, tu kon?” :) )
  • Balke main to kaheta hoon ke Aap Purush hi nahi, Maha Purush ho…Maha Purush!! 
  • Kaisa lag raha hai Daddy? Kaisa lag raha hai? – Bahut Acha, bahut acha!! 
  • Kamau main, udaaye woh? Kamau main, udaaye woh? 
  • Main hoon Crime-master Gogo! Aankhen nikal ke Gotiyaan khelunga… 
  • Sorry Sir, Galti se mistake ho gaya! 
  • Abe yeh Firauti ka paisa hai ya maiyat ka chanda??
  • Teja main hoon….mark idhar hai! 
  • Hona kya tha? Unka ek ek sawal humare do do jawab, sawal ek, jawab do, sawal ek jawab do, sawal jawab, sawal jawab….chup lambi khamoshi. 
  • Bread ka badshah aur omelet ka rajja BAJAJ…humara bajaj!! 
  • Jab tum Prem se milogi, toh Prem ke prem mein prem deewani ho jaogi… meri premika… 
  • Sab Cheez time to time honi chahiye! 
  • Gum ka saathi Rum…lekin iski aadat mat daalna… 
  • Bhabhi hogi teri…shaadi hogi meri… 
  • Yeh TEJA TEJA kya hai, Yeh TEJA TEJA? 
  • Chit main jeeta patt tu hara…Nahi nahi…iska ulta kar… 
  • Pitaji aapka to pata nahi, lekin meri iss mohalle me bahot izzat hai!! 
  • Do dost ek pyaale me chai piyenge..iss se pyaar badhta hai. 
  • Arey yeh aap idhar udhar kya dekh rahe hai, udhar idhar dekhiye, udhar idhar… 
  • Dha ki chiki, dha ki chiki, dha ki chiki, dhaa…. 
  • Asli heeren blue bag me hain, yeh to nakli hain… 
  • “Sholay film dekhi hain?” Haan. “Iske baap ne likhi hain” 
  • Tum dono ka pyaar dekhkar mujhe Ramanand Sagar ka woh episode yaad aa gaya, jab Ram aur Bharat ka milaap hua tha… 
  • Happy birthday Rabart!! 
  • Yeh Vasco da Gama ki gun hai............Kiske mama ki gun?

Stars after 20 years:

  • Amar – The perfectionist! A journey from “Qayamat se Qayamat tak” to “Dil” to “AAA” to “Raja Hindustani” to “Ghulam” to “Sarfarosh” to “Rangeela” to “Lagaan” to “Taare Zameen Par” to “Dil Chahta Hai” to “RDB” to “Ghajini” to “3 Idiots”  to “Dhoom 3”……huh!!! Every role is different and unique! His recent discovery is “Satyamev Jayate”…. 
  • Prem – Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan made a big jump from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun to Dabangg Bodyguard in two decades. Too many controversies faced and got also connected with many top actresses of Bollywood. 
  • Raveena/Karishma – One of the top actresses of 1990s. There was a big gap in her appearance in Hindi Cinema after 2005 but recently started doing movies again. AAA was one of her early movies which established her as good actress. 
  • Karishma/Raveena – After giving number of comedy hits with Chichi Govinda (like Sajan Chale Sasural, Coolie no. 1, Hero no. 1, Raja Babu) Lolo Karishma just got lost! She got married to Sanjay Kapoor and her film career never ramped up after that. 
  • Ram Gopal Bajaj or Teja – Yes, our well-known “Baburao Ganpatrao Apte” from “Hera-Pheri series” and “Kanjibhai Mehta” from “OMG-Oh, My God!” has played a double role in AAA. In these 20 years, Paresh Rawal has played multiple roles in hindi cinema and has been established as character and comic actor. Recently he was given “Padma Shree” award and has also been allotted a ticket for LS14 elections from BJP! 
  • Crime Master Gogo – Mogambo’s Nephew in AAA!! Shakti Kapoor has done too many comic and negative roles but mainly known for his role in Raja Babu (as Nandu). “Aaaooooo Lolita” and “Main Chhota sa pyara sa, nanha sa, bachcha hoon” have been his famous lines.
 Some awesome scenes from movie:
  • First scene of the film – Amar dreaming about meeting Juhi Chawla and marrying her! 
  • The scene when Amar and Prem bring Firauti ke paise!! 
  • Amar explaining football match 
  • The loose motion scene (Prem says - Raveena mein tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon and then gud gud gud sound in his stomach…) 
  • The scene in bus when Amar and Prem meet for the first time…Chaudhary and Sons :) 
  • The scene where Amar declares free-drinks for everyone in hotel and then comes to know about the real Raveena…

Looking at Andaz Apna Apna today it is almost clear that some films are best left untouched. We have seen some utterly non-sense sequels (and remakes) of great movies (like Sholay, Bombay-to-Goa and Chashme-baddoor).  The remakes are disasters!!